Before I had braces, I was pretty self-conscious about my teeth. I didn’t like them at all. NKY Orthodontics helped me gain confidence in my teeth and smile throughout two years of monthly appointments. Every staff member is kind and cares about every patient individually. I would definitely recommend NKY Orthodontics to anyone who needs braces or any orthodontic treatment; you won’t regret it! Thank you so much, NKY Orthodontics, for my new, beautiful smile!”
— Viviana H.

As a parent, you never know if you’re making the right choices.  When my 4-year-old started losing teeth and the dentist said she needs to have orthodontic work done, my heart was broken. How do I put her through this at such a young age? Could she handle it? Should we wait until she is older? The choice was not easy, but  the staff made our decision easier. They are all so welcoming and make sure not only her needs are met but ours as parents as well!! We couldn’t be happier with our care! Thanks, NKY Orthodontics!”
— Krystal R.

It’s been over two years since we first visited this office. I brought both of my children in for evaluations. Devin was the first to get his braces put on. I’ve felt from day one they did an excellent job with his treatment. So caring about each and every patient. Nothing but the best of care. Devin had braces removed two months ago and I can’t get enough of his beautiful smile. My daughter Morgan had her braces put on a year ago and her teeth have improved so much. So very different from the day she had them put on. I can already see the beautiful smile she will have when they’re removed. Dr. J is the best. She’s so friendly and I love talking with her. The rest of the staff are just as great as she is. I would highly recommend this office to anyone I know that needs braces. Excellent service and such kindness. What more could anyone ask for. Thank You All and God Bless!!”
— Robin E.